Composer and Director of finely-tuned web sites
and web analysis tools since 1996
  With over 25 years of technical experience, the WebMaestra is your source for affordable website hosting, design, development, e-commerce, database, and dynamic content.  Luanne Burns Goldrich, Ph.D.,  president, has the expertise, the knowledge and the creativity to put your business online. 

Luanne was employed by IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center for 18 years developing and patenting several of IBM's user interface tools and products in many domains, including education, database, and web analysis.  She was then a professor and taught programming and computer information systems courses and is now a Senior Software Engineer at Carnegie Mellon University.  She develops user interfaces, manages and design databases, and does software design analysis for the Software Engineering Institute, a leading federally funded research and development center operating on the leading edge of technical innovation and serving our national interests. You may also see Luanne's complete resume and portfolio.

Whether you need a small website to get started or a comprehensive site with an underlying database and e-commerce, the WebMaestra can help you achieve your goals.  She will handle all the details from securing a domain name to setting up server space for your site to producing and maintaining the site itself.  Take a moment to view the testimonials to see how the WebMaestra can work for you.

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